Where to Start: The Consultation

If you want to know how I can help you with the documents you need to translate, the first step is to contact me. Most clients send an email telling me what they need and asking any doubt they may have. I use to ask some questions about the project as well as the timeline for the project.

After delimiting the project, I will send you a written quotation showing the details of the translation and the delivery time.


When you accept the quotation, I will proceed to translate the texts. Communication is essential in order to get a great translation. I usually raise questions or suggestions during the project, since I know from experience that references are always useful to better understand what each client needs.


In principle, the delivery of the translation is made in electronic format or printed (certified/sworn translations).


Rates depend on the type of translation (general or sworn/certified), the combination of languages (e.g. English into Spanish or Spanish into English) and delivery time, standard or urgent. Contact me to send you a quotation adjusted to the particularities of the documents, the timeline and the payment method.

Let's talk

The best way to discuss your translation needs is to contact me. Send me an e-mail with your questions.